Due to the fluid nature of the Covid-19 situation WRCC is not sponsoring any rides or tracking club miles, ride leads or sweeps in 2020. Members are welcome to list recurring rides that they are organizing on the calendar.  Hopefully this will make them more available and reduce the traffic on the list serve. Ride organizers will set their own restrictions for their rides.

As always, if you don’t feel well, have recently traveled or have had contact with someone with Covid-19 please don’t join a ride for at least 14 days.

Ride Categories

A Pace – 19 to 20+ mph    D Pace – 13 to 15 mph      WR – Women's Rides 
B Pace – 17 to 19 mph      E Pace – 11 to 13 mph       MTB – Single track or unpaved trails 
C Pace – 15 to 17 mph      F Pace – 9 to 11 mph         GRR – Gravel Road Rides 
All Club – all categories welcome                                 Out of Town Rides

Ride Calendar

Please be advised that last-minute changes to rides will be announced on the WRCC Listserv, a benefit to becoming a member.

WRCC Starting Points    .   Report New Rides   

Please Note: Ride Changes and New Rides should be submitted at least 2 full days in advance.

Rides listed beyond the current month are tentative and not yet confirmed.