Area Bike Shops 

Hodson's Bay Company - West Lafayette, Indiana  

Virtuous Cycles  - Lafayette, Indiana

Velo Wrench Mobile Bike Shop - Greater Lafayette Area and Tippecanoe County

Laws, Regulations & Ordinances Concerning Cyclists 

Remember: ride predictably, confidently and responsibly!

Drivers of motor vehicles must routinely share the roadway with two-wheeled vehicles (bicycles) and other pedestrians. Bicycles are entitled to the same right-of-way and are required to observe the same traffic laws as operators of automobiles. It is extremely important that the automobile driver be alert and on the look out for other users of the road. The automobile driver should also maintain a safe following distance in sharing the road with bicycles. Bicycles usually have significantly shorter stopping distances than heavier cars or buses. The safe and wise driver of four-wheeled vehicles will adjust for this and allow more room for the two-wheeled vehicle ahead. 
 – Indiana Drivers Manual.

Area cyclists are cautioned about the differences in laws that can be found in the different jurisdictions in this area (West Lafayette, Lafayette, Purdue University, Tippecanoe County and the State of Indiana). As an example, Purdue does not allow cyclists to ride on sidewalks except in designated areas. Lafayette prohibits cyclists on sidewalks only in the central business district. In West Lafayette, cyclists who are 16 years old or older are not allowed to ride on sidewalks at all. Another example of the differences is that Lafayette requires cyclists to ride in bike lanes even if there is a lane on only one side of the street which would require the cyclist to be riding on the wrong side of the road. West Lafayette has no such ordinance. A three-foot passing law is required of all motorists when overtaking cyclists in city limits, but not in the county (at this time!)

Indiana Bicycle Laws: the laws that dictate the use of bicycles on the roads in the state of Indiana

Motorists' Rights and Responsibilities: the rights and responsibilities of motorists and bicycles using the roadways, courtesy of Bicycle Indiana

Encounters with Animals While on the Roads: information about laws regarding dogs and other animals in Lafayette, West Lafayette, Tippecanoe County and the State of Indiana

Maps and Resources of Local Roadways

Map of Tippecanoe County, courtesy of Sue Ferringer

Wabash River Cycle Club's Strava Account

Wabash River Cycle Club's Ride with GPS Route Repository

Gravel Map
A living, editable map documenting the gravel & unpaved roads in the Greater Lafayette area

Resources for Cycling in Indiana... and beyond! 

Bicycle Lafayette:
Lafayette & West Lafayette's bicycle advocacy and education group 

Tippecanoe Mountain Bike Association
Mountain bikers connected in Tippecanoe County  

Bike Rides in Indiana:  
All of Indiana's organized rides listed throughout the ye

Purdue University Cycling Club
A cylcing club for students at Purdue University 

Indy COG
Bicycle advocacy in Indianapolis, Indiana  

League of American Bicyclists
Advocating and lobbying for cycling on a national scale 

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